Words, whether written, read or spoken, have been part of Debbra’s life for a very long time.

Way before emails and texting, note passing and letter writing were the ways to communicate quietly.  When most kids were tearing off small pieces of paper to pass a note in school, Debbra had a dedicated 5 subject binder for her ‘notes’.

Whether it was notes to friends, letters to family, songs, goal planning lists, life and business ideas and even some poetry, writing has been a part of her world for many years.  Today she uses that skill and passion to write content for marketing, training tools, books, music and much more.

There was a time in her schooling where she talked so much, the teacher moved Debbra’s desk to be the desk that touched the teachers… so that Debbra would not talk to her classmates! Now, she uses her passion for connecting with others through spoken word as a speaker, trainer and teacher of entrepreneurs.

Debbra has always loved to read books. In fact, she worked in a library for 2 years just to be around more books. (It was a challenge for her to not talk while at the library!) Today she still loves to read books, and writes them as well.

You can enjoy Debbra’s writing through her published books, words in the works, blog, through social media, her music and even by simply sending her an email.

Debbra Sweet books published 2015