To set the ‘wheels in motion’ means: to cause a series of actions to start that will help you achieve what you want.

Business Leaders & entrepreneurs often want to achieve many things. There are many pathways they can take.  Some are well worn. Others require cutting a trail through uncharted ground.

Navigating the terrain of personal and professional growth to create a business that is profitable with a culture creating loyal customers and team members can be exhilarating yet bumpy.

Debbra has years of experience creating, teaching, and leading teams to move towards a united vision, engaging in actions that are highly effective at reaching new goals.

Whether its movement of thought, body (daily activity), business- or wheels…. without movement we stagnate.

  • Movement stimulates growth.
  • Movement stimulates cleansing of things on the inside.
  • Movement is essential for life.

The reason why movement and motion is so vitally, unavoidably crucial to successful business building, entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development is the same reason as why forward momentum is absolutely essential to life.

If something isn’t making progress, it’s stagnating and decaying.

The life essence of business is either getting better or worse. Your relationship(s) are either getting better, or they are getting worse. Your health is getting better or worse.  There’s no such thing as neutral.

As a Lifelong Entrepreneur, Business Leader, Speaker, Author, Musician, and Results Expert- Debbra is dynamic and determined.

On stage and off, working with clients 1:2:1 or in groups, at work or at play, Debbra understands the importance and connection of movement to learning, which leads to results.

  • She’s a radiant source of movement and energy. She’s action oriented with a driving force to accomplish or complete things at hand.
  • She has the capacity to think big, accomplish things in a big way- and help others do the same along the way so that they are at ease and not overwhelmed.
  • She has an abundance of sureness about moving forward and she inspires others to feel confident to take action and have positive movement to achieve their goals.

Overcoming Obstacles in Everyday Life

Challenges, obstacles and stumbling blocks will always show up in our lives. The thing to ask yourself when they do is: “What do I want to focus on? The challenge… or the ways to overcome it?”

Leaders have a common focus when it comes to overcoming obstacles.  Here’s a short video I did earlier this year that is appropriate at any time. I share an insight with you to help you understand how those who lead think when times get tough.

After you watch- please share with others you know who are currently struggling with obstacles and challenges.



Movement Is Essential to Learning

Movement is essential for learning, health and social and emotional development for all people.

Many studies have shown that “the human qualities we associate with the mind can never exist separate from the body” because movement is an indispensable part of learning and thinking, as well as all integral part of mental processing. Furthermore, thinking and learning does not take place only in our head; people need to become more aware of the body’s role in learning.

To ‘pin down’ a thought, there must be movement…. Movement anchors thought…. Learning involves the building of skills, and skills of every manner are built through the movement of muscles…. Medicine, art, music, science: competence in these and other professions develop through an intricate internal net-working among thought, muscles, and emotions.

Where do you need to put “the wheels in motion and create movement for abundance in business, leadership, wellness and your life?  Debbra’s Action Leadership and Legacy Leadership approach helps create the awareness, support, engagement, and inspiration for you and your team to move forward with confidence for achieving goals you set. She understands that it’s about how to be the best YOU-the individual first, to be the best as a team.

You can’t change the past, but you can effect change and influence the outcome of your  future. Contact Debbra today to talk about areas that you or your team could benefit by putting positive wheels in motion!

Here’s just a few ‘out of the box’ ways Debbra keeps movement, momentum, action and flexibility in her life: