“The Secrets To Conversations That Convert: Remove 3 Hidden Influencers Preventing Sales”

Debbra’s presentation ” The Secrets To Conversations That Convert: Remove 3 Hidden Influencers Preventing Sales” unveils 3 Key Success Factors your audience needs to know to level up thier sales with practical STEPS to have more conversations that convert more consistently.

As a New York Times Best Selling Contributing Author to the “Masters of Sales” Ms. Sweet blends years of hands on sales skills, with powerful overlays of understanding gleaned from her recovery from a severe traumatic brain injury. She then blends that decades of behavioral motivational insights from developing and implementing effective marketing for businesses. The result: a recipe for success in radically improving sales outcomes in a powerful, easy and pivotal way.

It’s all about the right conversation with the right people who will pay you more money more often!

Your audience will discover the importance of knowing words that work to give them an unfair advantage! (Yes, it’s legal AND ethical!)

Stop leaving money on the table! Let Debbra reveal the 3 Hidden Influencers to propel your attendees to get beyond “I want to think about it” and understand why their sales have been stalling out.

Debbra will empower your audience to BECOME Confident in thier words so they can hear people say YES! to them more often.

IN THE QUEST TO LIVE LIFE AND BUILD A PROFITABLE BUSINESS there are 3 HIDDEN INFLUENCERS that are disrupting sales results. They cause drama, take you off track and at times make you feel like you are simply spinning your wheels.

  • Taking insights learned from “seeing” how the brain see’s & learns… your audience will LEARN STRATEGIES, DEFINE TACTICS & GAIN TOOLS  that can change how they approach selling to have comfortable conversations that convert… pivoting them into profits.
  • Everyone is thinking around sales, teaching tatics.. but missing some KEY compontents that have been hurting sales outcones.
  • Are you ready to take sales from 10-25% closing rates… and start to see them STEP UP into 30,  50% , 80%  or more?

Every conversation your sales team has either brings you sales or breaks the moment of buying.

Consider your time it takes now to close sales. 

  • How much money DO you leave on the table?
  • What are the revenue goals you set for the year?
  • Are your current sales getting you there on time?

The Secrets To Conversations That Convert: Remove 3 Hidden Influencers Preventing Sales delivers insights and information that propels experiences sales reps, teams and inspires timid professionals responsible for selling.  This fun, to the point topic engages your audience and motivates them to step into their next level of sales success.

This presentation is scalable for a 30, 60, 90 minute presentation at your next conference or event.

Epiphanies abound in your audience when Debbra speaks about ‘Crafting Conversations that Convert’.

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