The Secret of Leveraging Your Circle of 10″

Networking is the single most powerful and cost effective skill you can develop. Your level of skill with this tactic influences the outcomes of promoting your business and advancing your career.

Effective networking requires skills to produce the results you want.

Leadership requires skills to produce the results you want.

Having a strategy that allows you to BE a leader when networking… is the pivot you need and  can implement to maximize your time and finding the right people to develop relationships with.

These two aspects are THAT important to get the lasting results you want. Yet, most people fail in this space.


Because networking is easy, not simple.  Leadership is inherent yet requires skill set development.  The merging of the two with a strategy called the Circle of 10 – is what will catapult the person, the relationships, the results.  This too, is simple, but not easy… at first. It takes a new perspective. A willingness to grow. And information you can infuse and integrate into the core of who you are and what you do.

But how….

Many people show up to networking events, but there are clear distinctions about those who are BEING a leader when networking.

These people understand nuances that enable them to achieve deeper, higher quality relationships faster. This brings about lasting results for their time and efforts.

This presentation will help you, your team, the leaders in your organization learn the essential etiquette tips to make you stand out in all the right ways.  You’ll discover how to make your next networking opportunity a fun and stress-free adventure.  And you’ll learn 3 Reasons Why Leading Yourself First Matters.

‘The Power Of Leadership In Business Networking’ first debuted in 2007.... the book, that was the catalyst for speaking locally, nationally, internationally.  It launched radio interviews that turned into a radio show.  Now version 2.0 ” The Power Of Leadership: How to Be A Leader When Networking”  is ready to teach current professionals strategies, tactics and perspectives that will last a life time.  This presentation is based on a chapter called “The Circle of 10” in the new version.

Learn How To:

  • Stand out in a crowd using essential etiquette tips that build your reputation (not break it)
  • Make your next networking opportunity fun, stress-free and focused for ROI
  • Discover the  ‘Circle of 10’ and turn on your networking anytime, anywhere
  • Learn what it takes to “Lead Yourself. Lead Others. Lead the Leaders”… and the impact it makes to your organization
  • Discover insider tips on how to identify the people you need and authentically approach them with ease and confidence

Why you need to hire Debbra Sweet for this topic:

  1. She’s a Certified Trainer in Word of Mouth Referral Networking.
  2. She Trains the Trainers and Leads the Leaders
  3. She’s a multi year Hall of Fame Award Recipient in the worlds largest professional networking organization
  4. She’s taught this subject to International Audiences
  5. Her skin in the game in this area of leadership is over 3 decades deep
  6. Her insights helped local businesses in San Diego alone close over $54M in referral revenue … and that number still keeps on growing.
  7. She’s the main author on this subject, the voice of The Power Of Leadership Brand and she LIVES this subject daily.

Debbra’s skills, knowledge, insights and experience will translate to your audience, your team, you… in practical, insightful, entertaining ways that you can use today. 

Contact Debbra today to talk about the details your conference, event or company needs and let’s get her on YOUR calendar before someone else does.