Whether it’s an audience of 1 or 10,000, Debbra speaks with intention to connect with the audience and deliver results.

She understands the value of building quality relationships and delivering impactful,  purposeful content to those who come to learn from her.  Knowing that people who attend events, conferences and training’s want value for their time and investment,  Debbra uses her skills with words, her experiences as a performer, author and speaker to deliver meaningful presentations, workshops, keynotes, training segments and break out sessions.

Years of practice and performance as a musician (gigging for shows where she performed 4 hours or more )- has given Debbra  stamina for her high energy and passion that is evident and effervescent in her speaking style. She also knows how to engage without creating overwhelm.

She’s comfortable on stage and it shows. Connecting with intimate audiences or working with large crowds, Debbra reads her audience well and delivers her messages from the heart.

“Debbra is an excellent speaker and trainer. I have attended over six leadership and business development trainings Debbra has lead — each time I come away with renewed interest in the subject matter and new strategies I can use to increase my business.

She uses entertaining and engaging presentation materials – whether slides or handouts. I highly recommend Debbra for her knowledge and experience”

Susan Almon-Pesch
A Marketing and PR Pro

“I have known Debbra for over 10 years and in that time, she has always been supportive, trustworthy and creative and positive with any situation that comes up.

Actually, of the Top Attributes listed I would attribute every single one to her. Personable, Good Value, On Time, High Integrity, and more. She has a knack for thinking out of the box and conveying her ideas!

Debbra is an enthusiastic and inspiring Speaker and Trainer to listen to and what she has to say is never boring.

Virginia Ann Holt
Fine Artist, Muralist, Faux Finisher
Kudos to you Debbra!

“Debbra Sweet is a highly inspiring, motivational speaker. Her trainings are informative, educational and change-inducing. Her grasp of the topic and ability to deliver the goods provides organizations with what they need to hear and she delivers great take away material. I highly recommend Debbra as a speaker, author and trainer.”

Beth M. Anderson
Owner at Plum Creek Associates

“As a speaker and trainer, I have a simple comment about her influence and skills. People listen and accomplish their goals with information they learn from Debbra. I am happy to endorse her.”

Bob Nicoll
Wordsmith, Author, Trainer

Debbra is a very well organized motivational leader and speaker. Her role as a regional BNI Director was very instrumental in assisting our local chapter in becoming one of the most strategically successful in San Diego County. Debbra’s ability to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of an organization and work within the structure to motivate individuals toward a mutually defined set of goals is extraordinary.”

Jeff Hans
Residential Real Estate Specialist