My personal mission is to ignite and create a THRIVAL.

A revolution of the mind creating a:

“Revival of heart, soul, body, mind and spirit, so what we think, how we act, what we say, and what we do are all in alignment in order to live with purpose, passion and place, based on accountability to ourselves, our community, and as a country in order to experience real joy and enabling us to Thrive!”

It starts with the simple concept of “Lead Yourself, Lead Others, Lead the Leaders.”

This country was built on entrepreneurial spirit. It was grounded and rooted in the deep and public belief of honoring one God, keeping the family unit strong, providing for them. Seeing the vision for opportunity and the willingness to take the risks to achieve the vision of being a productive, contributing member in the community and this country.

Over time, the morals, values and priorities of many Americans have changed. Gigantic egos cloud judgement. Decisions are being made that not only effect adults today, but are influencing future leaders… and not in a good way. Up and coming generations do not have as much confidence, stability and tight support systems around them to thrive that earlier generations did.

  • It’s time to create change.
  • It’s time to take care of the future leaders.
  • It’s time to Trailblaze and Encourage the Youth of the Future with Innovation.

For years I struggled to know how to ‘harness’ my entrepreneurial, highly creative and visionary mind. I was well educated, but in a school system that traditionally churns out employee only thinking. That created conflict for me.

I sought out to find ‘someone’ who could help me take my ideas and make them reality. Many ideas were products I invented as a young high school freshman. I knew deep in my belly that these ideas were good. Each solved a specific problem- but I didn’t have any clue how to even begin to develop and bring them to market.  It was frustrating. Most of the adults I tried to talk with would not take time to listen to my ideas, much less tell or show me how to do it (or even get started in a good direction).

Instead, I was put down, told my ideas would never work. That was hard to hear. Seeing those very ideas on the store shelves a couple years later being offered and sold by someone who was not me… was even harder to witness.

Those experiences, along with working with many children, teens and adults over the years have given me eyes to see and ears to hear great ideas.  I’ve also had hands on experience in helping many companies successfully market and grow. I also have been very hands on raising up entrepreneurial children successfully.

These wins fed a my passion to help others achieve results with their vision. I have a gift for helping people get vision where they have none. Get clarity with their ideas, and then teach, train, lead and guide them with knowledge, resources and tools to achieve their vision.

A handful of years ago, when I was still struggling with the eternal question of ‘What is the real purpose of my life’- I finally got THE ANSWER. Not at all what I expected – but very cool none the less. It takes all my talents, passions, eclectic influences and skills and wraps them all up into something that will serve others.

The truth revealed:

I am to lead the charge and trailblaze the way to create a new God based, entrepreneurial school system for our children and our future.

God has placed a huge mantle on my shoulders.  Once I got beyond the overwhelm of “Why Me?”, and realized that I AM the right person to once again trailblaze a new idea, I reached out to those in my inner circle and shared this with them.  Each person I talked to was super supportive.  I know there will be challenges and obstacles to overcome-but the best experiences in life come with opportunities to grow.

I am now ready to gear up, throttle on, rev those engines and hit the trail to make it happen.

But… I cannot do this alone.

I need others who have the same passion to serve, educate and ignite a THRIVAL so that today’s adults, and tomorrows leaders can be strong, effective individuals that have vision, purpose and passion to serve their family, community and country on ethical, quality, optimistic values that results in prosperity in body, soul, mind, spirit and finances.

Once this is done, it will be a living legacy.

There are some organizations now in existence that we can align with to create strategic partnerships. But we can only align once the foundation of our school has been laid forth. The plans for this new schooling approach is different.  Business owners, moms and dads that I’ve shared this with-love the idea that will differentiate this school and enable it to be a success partner to inspire, educate and most importantly, support up and coming entrepreneurs.

Why is this school needed?

Entrepreneurs drive America’s economy, accounting for the majority of our nation’s new job creation and innovations.  The U. S. Small Business Administration reports that America’s 25.8 million entrepreneurial led small businesses employ more than 50 percent of the private workforce, generate more than half of the nation’s gross domestic product, and are the principal source of new jobs in the U.S. economy.

Traditional schools keep removing educational approaches that create healthy thinkers. They are dumming down students and creating highly government dependent people. This is not the backbone our country was built on. Parents are frustrated. Students are frustrated. It’s time to take a stand and take action.

Entrepreneurship education offers a solution. It seeks to prepare people, particularly youth, to be responsible, enterprising individuals who become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial thinkers by immersing them in real life learning experiences where they can take risks, manage the results, and learn from the outcomes.

Advantages of Entrepreneurship Education

Through entrepreneurship education, young people, including those with disabilities, learn organizational skills, including time management, leadership development and interpersonal skills, all of which are highly transferable skills sought by employers. According to Logic Models and Outcomes for Youth Entrepreneurship Programs (2001), a report by the D.C. Children and Youth Investment Corporation, other positive outcomes include:

• improved academic performance, school attendance; and educational attainment
• increased problem-solving and decision-making abilities
• improved interpersonal relationships, teamwork, money management, and public speaking skills
• job readiness
• enhanced social psychological development (self-esteem, ego development, self-efficacy), and
• perceived improved health status

Do you have a heart, passion and willingness to learn more about this new school plan that has been developed? Are you ready to help create a THRIVAL so that we ignite a movement of strong, healthy bodied, healthy minded people that can work in harmony within their family, community and country?

If so, contact me. Let’s set up some time to talk to discuss actions and resources needed to bring this mission to reality.