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In a recent global survey, over 1,400 business people and 88 percent of the respondents said they never had any college course that even covered the topic of networking! We’re not talking about an entire course on the subject (they are almost non-existent); we are talking about ANY course that simply covered the topic in school. Yet, based on another survey of over 2,500 business people from around the world, 75 percent said they got most of their business through networking!

Networking, also known as word-of-mouth marketing, is one of the most important ways for entrepreneurs to build their businesses, yet we don’t teach it in colleges or universities around the world. Despite that fact, according to a third survey of business professionals, 82 percent of all business people belong to some type of networking group!

Networking is easy- not simple. It takes skills, knowledge and a commitment to make networking time produce effective results.

Debbra Sweet is a Certified Trainer in Professional Word of Mouth Marketing & Networking. She’s also the lead author in the “Power Of Leadership In Business Networking” book.

She has been a member of BNI since 1997. She has been a Director Consultant since 2004.

Debbra teaches entrepreneurs and working professionals how to effectively grow their business through word of mouth referrals.

Her training has consecutively helped local businesses close over 8.3 Million annually in revenue between themselves from just word of mouth referrals.

Hi Debbra,

“I want to thank you for an outstanding training session on Monday. I learned a great deal, including an acute appreciation for how I can invest effectively in my business networking time.

It was a pleasure to meet you. I wish you continued success in your business.”

Best regards,

This past year has been an exciting one for me. As part of my business growth plans I joined a professional networking group (BNI).

Debbra is my chapter’s director. In that capacity she has motivated us to reach goals we may otherwise have considered “unreasonable.” I find her to be extremely approachable, clear in her thinking and communication and one of the most sincere, honest leaders I’ve known. She is a true leader.

Joan Bonetti
Owner at Bella Cabinet and Furniture Refinishing

Debbra Sweet brings tremendous energy and passion to her position as BNI San Diego director. I was able to experience this during my interactions with her while I served as a vice president of one of her chapters. Debbra leads by example, has enthusiasm for her job, very clearly believes in BNI and how it can help others in generating additional referral business. Debbra Sweet is a winner!

Steve Lewis
Senior Mortgage Loan Originator Sierra Pacific Mortgage

I have come into contact with Debbra on a number of occasions in her capacity as Regional Director, San Diego BNI. I have never come away from any interaction unimpressed with her knowledge, preparedness, and organizational skills. She has provided me training, during which I found myself keenly focused as the material was presented with laser-like precision. I would unhesitatingly recommend Debbra for any enterprise you are considering seeking her expertise.

Paul Coleman DMD
Coleman Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

I have worked with Debbra in her capacity as a Director for BNI, and she is extremely organized and an outstanding connector of people. Debbra is genuinely interested in people and looks for ways to help them personally and professionally. On several occasions she provided me with wonderful insight and advice on business issues. I also admire her ability to manage multiple tasks and commitments with ease!

Kelly Nilsson, CFP®
Planning Officer at Superior Planning, Inc.

I have the pleasure to work with Debra as she helps us build a successful BNI Chapter. She is a very energetic person and is extremely good at motivating a team, while keeping it focused. She certainly is goal oriented. No doubt she knows how to empower a team and lead it to success.

Philippe Faurie
CEO EasyDial (Dialysis)

“Debbra was critically important in the launch of our networking team , bringing together knowledge of the process, excellent organization skills and the right touch of “fun”. She is committed to sharing her strong belief in the value of networking and of ongoing professional learning.

As a trainer, Debbra is comfortable in addressing a room of people and easily holds the audience’s interest because she’s very aware of the audience and adapts her presentation to audience reaction.

As a “people person” Debbra can remember a an impressive number of names of people even when she has not been with the group for weeks – and she deals with several companies and organizations. “

David G.
San Diego, CA

Most Requested Networking Topics:

Time In. Time Out. Maximize Your Networking ROI

Networking works when you know how to manage your time and activities during that time which will lead to referrals.

One of the most common mistakes and misconceptions people have about networking is: ‘all I have to do is show up’.  That belief will result in very little business being done.  It takes time to build the relationships that lead to results.  It takes knowledge, understanding and skills to know what to do with your time when you are networking.

Professionally training, teaching and implementing effective word of mouth networking since 1997, Debbra Sweet reveals very important information in this workshop that will help you manage your expectations of the use of your networking time.

Do you want to grow your business by 25%?  50%? 100% or more from word of mouth networking? If you are not achieving the results you want with your time, this workshop is for you!

You’ll Discover:

  • Insights on how to heavily shift your perspective and influence regarding the activities you do with your networking time
  • how to effectively, and respectfully get down to business and produce results with the time you invest in networking
  • How to know how much time you need to achieve the business growth goals you want from your networking

Goal Planning for Effective Networking

High achievers set goals for many things. Networking is a natural activity humans have done for millennia. However, most professionals, when they use networking as a way to build their business never set track-able, measurable goals with their networking time! This leads to wasted hours, frustration and even the belief system that networking doesn’t work.

Networking works.

But…to achieve the growth goals you want, it does require new skills, ongoing learning and a very specific plan to achieve your goals.

Networking is natural, however, some of the knowledge you need, and the activities that should be implemented in your networking plan, can be counter intuitive at first.

Throw and stick advertising is costly to business. The same throw and stick approach to networking can cost more.

In this hands on, interactive workshop, Debbra reveals a strategic goal planning approach she helped develop that came out of her years of helping companies set up effective marketing plans, and her time teaching and training effective networking skills.

She’s helped hundreds of companies achieve millions of dollars in closed business with this information.

Ready to change the playbook you use with your networking? If so, this workshop is for you!

Learn how to:

  • Set expectations for your networking time
  • Outline the revenue you expect from your networking
  • Create a strategic, manageable plan for your networking efforts
  • Get clarity on where you need to go to network
  • Identify the right people you need to know to achieve your networking goals

How to Network Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

Did you know you could be standing in the middle of a referral or even business for yourself everywhere you go?

Do you know what to look for, listen for, feel and smell (yes, smell) that are referrals for others and business potential for your self?

If you do notice a ‘perfect fit’, are you prepared to engage in a results producing, trust building and well received conversation that can take that awareness to the next step that leads to closed business?

If networking something you ‘turn on’ or ‘turn off’ when you go to a business or organized event, then you are leaving money on the table. You are missing opportunities to help others who are looking for the services and products you offer.

Networking anytime, anyplace anywhere can be fun, effective, rewarding and profitable. It takes new skills and understanding of what to do and what NOT to do.

This hands on workshop empowers you with:

  • New perspectives, skills and conversation starters that can dramatically increase your networking results
  • Tools and tips to help you open up networking conversations anytime, anyplace, anywhere
  • Steps to take once the conversation is started that leads to more closed business