Debbra Sweet Musician, Singer, Composer & Performer

Debbra Sweet is a talented, accomplished and award winning musician who is a composer, singer and plays several instruments including: Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards, and Percussion.

Through her music, books, seminars and classes where she is a featured performer or speaker- she inspires.

She was a music performance major in school where she learned how to connect quickly and deeply to the hearts of hear audience.  Playing saxophone, emoting without ‘words’ – she knows how to ignite attention, interest, desire to hear more.   She pours her heart into all her music – and the soulful transference moves throughout the crowd. This creates a memorable event.

People have told her over and over that they love to hear her play and sing. Debbra’s music connects with them and moves them. Her life long goal has been to tour the world,  playing her music, singing, teaching,  and inspiring people through her performances.

Debbra has a long experience as a lyricist, composer, performer.  Her background includes show production and execution of the vision of the details.

Whether she sings, writes songs for herself or creates custom music for clients, plays her instruments, or in in studio to record- she’s captivating.

Debbra Sweet goes on to say, “I’ve learned much along the way and have held on tight to my life dreams. It’s been a rewarding opportunity to see how to make those ideas come to pass- even while overcoming adversity. Today, I’m closer to living my ultimate dreams than I’ve ever been. Passion drives me in all I do and it’s my heart to share with others how they can reach their dreams too”.

Stay tuned to hear more about Debbra, her music, other events, and projects.

Variety Artist Debbra Sweet

Debbra Sweet offers variety and provides flexible performance options for you and your event. Whether she performs as herself, or slips into “Cher”… she takes center stage and delivers the perfect musical ambiance and entertainment for you.

  • Vocals
  • Saxophone
  • Flute

Custom Songs, written, recorded, performed

Debbra Sweet 1997 in Danger Sweet 2-14 v2

Listen to “Feel the Heat”

Lyrics & Music by Debbra Sweet

Music by: Danger Sweet

Performed by: Danger Sweet featuring Debbra Sweet on Lead Vocals and Alto Saxophone

“Spellbound” – Saxophone featured instrumental original song written and performed by Debbra Sweet

“Feel the Heat” Original song written by and featuring lead, backing vocals, saxophone by: Debbra Sweet

“Celebrity” Vocals: Debbra Sweet as “Cher”