From Broken Brain To Building Big Business

Innovative San Diego business leader, Debbra Sweet, pivots companies to profits by overlaying powerful insights learned during brain injury rehabilitation with her decades strong track record of business growth goal achievement.

Entrepreneurship is rising yet status quo thinking in continues to propel premature business deaths into the grim statistics that disrupt family life and the bottomline. Moving beyond status quo thinking requires trailblazing leadership.

New York Times bestselling author and award-winning leadership performance coach, Debbra Sweet, said flying head first into a concrete wall at age 18 saved her life and the subsequent 30-year fight to overcome significant health disruptions fueled her victories. Today she leads with cutting-edge insights on how to overlay subconscious change, neuroscience and business growth strategy skill sets; strategically trailblazing how we learn to do life in business and triumph along the way.

Everyone has a tragedy at one time- but not all create a comeback, and most do not trailblaze their recovery to come out stronger than ever before. But Ms. Sweet, a lifelong innovator, and visionary leader is no stranger to triumphs and trauma that impact both personal and professional outcomes. She’s lived through the same struggles most entrepreneurs grow through and more. But she’s not one to sit quietly on the sidelines. Her most recent triumph was trailblazing through the adversity of unknowingly living with and now since rehabilitating from a severe traumatic brain injury; finding the cure, raising a family, overhauling her companies and serving clients.

During her journey to walk, talk and remember clearly again, she gained a unique glimpse into how the brain ‘sees’ and discovered the powerful overlay of this knowledge she now brings into business to put passion back into profits, eliminate overwhelm and break the cycle of status quo stagnation.

Her most requested topics are interwoven with her leadership, business growth, and brain-building insights to shorten your time for accomplishing your goals!

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