Keynote Concerts: Music. Messaging. Motivation. The “Sweet” Trifecta for Amazing Events Your Clients Will Love!

“This is a game changer for our event. WOW!  Debbra, you were born to do this. You share your soul when you are on stage. I’m a forever fan!”

Transform Bland Conferences into Unforgettable Encounters:
The Power of Keynote Concerts by Debbra Sweet.

Attendees crave depth, actionable insights, and immediate impact. Debbra Sweet masterfully merges a musician’s stage charisma with motivational speaking finesse and subject matter expertise.  Her topics are powerful, proven, sought out and deliver practical, real world insights that can be applied right away!

She anchors in the learning with interactive experiences that engage your attendees with fun, meaningful moments.

Then she ties it all together performing live music that aligns with the keynote topic.  The music anchors the message, inspires your attendees, which makes you look like a hero for being innovative with your keynote speaker selection.

Create an event your attendees will love and value!  Conference goers want depth and real world ideas they can implement today for results. Debbra is the motivational speaker who delivers what you need and what your audience wants.

Debbra Sweet combines award winning musicians stage presence with professional speaking skills to create an emotionally engaging, interactive experience at your event.

Debbra Sweet is a dynamic and informative speaker who manages to fully engage her audience and keep them engaged. Debbra is an inspiration and her sincerity was evident when speaking in a group setting or one on one.

While speaking at our conference, Debbra took the time to speak with many of us after her presentation, sign our books and really listened. Our attendees are saying that this is by far the best event we have held to date, and that is a direct reflection on the speakers and content presented.

Michelle Murphy
President and Founder
Murphy Assistants
Los Angeles, CA.

“I had the pleasure of hearing Debbra speak in Charlotte at the 2008 IVAA Live Summit. It was refreshing having a speaker who not only motivated you but kept you on the edge of your seat with her wit and presentation.

Thanks Debbra for such a remarkable seminar.”

Doreen DeJesus
Bronx, NY

“When I heard you were speaking at CALPASC, I wasn’t sure what you were going to deliver. I was wondering to myself, “What could she say that hasn’t already been said?”

“Wow! Was I amazed at how quickly you connected with the audience right from the beginning- and you gave us some powerful information that was fresh. I noticed in the audience we had a range of business acumen- from start ups to very established businesses – and you held them with relevant and valuable information every step of the way! I was glad to be part of this event. “

Robert Gascho
CA License #0G56051
New York Life Insurance Company
San Diego, CA 9

Hello Debbra,

Thanks again for your great presentation you did in San Diego. I would love to implement this in my region in Germany and would appreciate if you could send me the presentation be e-mail. All the best and keep on steering your dirt bike with your rear wheel.


Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
BNI Stuttgart GbR

“Debbra Sweet is a dynamic and entertaining public speaker. She has the ability to blend both humorous and thought provoking messages in all her speaking engagements, and as a result – is highly sought after in this arena. I have been in the audience on several occasions when Debbra was both a presenter and key note speaker, and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute!”

Al Rex
Prudential California Realty
Top 3% Nationwide


Hi Debbra:

First off, I need to commend you on a trait I see each time we are at a business training event together. As a leader, trainer, speaker, and facilitator, you have a skill of listening and then recommending/suggesting (always with permission) a path to think about.

You did that again today with our annual goal planning meeting during the breakout session on setting goals.

I so admire that trait! It is always done not to be judgmental just to give “food for thought”.

Thank you again.

Rosemarie Litoff



“Our session today was exceptionally, over the top, great!! Talking through my concerns, fears and feeling validated that I am human and its okay to take a breath and not do everything was a push to get back in the game.”


Keynote Concerts:

Is your event geared for inspirational, motivational business growth or developing leadership skills?  Uplevel your event with a Keynote Concert by Debbra Sweet.

As an event planner, what kind of speaker are you looking for?

One who ‘talks about business’ or one who has lived through the experiences and can expertly articulate the ‘aha’ nuggets business professionals look for to help improve their business?

Sweet works with businesses that are in growth mode and helps them to break through boundaries that lead to their next level of success.

Most businesses want to ‘take it to the next level’… but are not sure how.

Many people talk about ‘what’ to do. Sweet has the presentations, systems and experience to ‘make it happen’.

Most Popular Speaking Topics & Keynote Concerts Include:

» How Hot Is Your Brand? Igniting a Powerful Presence in Your Market

» Go From Vision to Victory: RISE with Resilience & Lead

» Network IN. Network UP: Leverage Your Circle of 10™



Do you have a specific focus or subject you need a speaker with experience, skills and the ability to entertain while delivering a presentation with substance?

Whether it’s an audience of 1 or 1000, Debbra speaks with intention to connect with the audience.

Debbra’s energy and mastery of the subject matter and material shows through when she delivers her message with heart and confidence.

She understands the value of building quality relationships and delivering impactful,  purposeful content to those who come to learn from her.  Knowing that people who attend events, conferences and training’s want value for their time and investment,  Debbra uses her skills with words, her experiences as a performer, author and speaker to deliver meaningful presentations, workshops, keynotes, training segments and break out sessions.

Years of practice and performance as a musician (gigging for shows where she performed 4 hours or more) – has given Debbra stamina for her high energy and passion that is evident and effervescent in her speaking style. She also knows how to engage without creating overwhelm.

She’s comfortable on stage and it shows. Connecting with intimate audiences or working with large crowds, Debbra reads her audience well and delivers her messages from the heart.

Discover the Specialty subjects Debbra Sweet speaks, teaches, consults and trains on topics of here.

Bring “Celebrity” entertainment into your event to close out on a high note!