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Debbra Sweet has a keen awareness of her audience and has high adaptability that enables her to connect with those she’s in the room with.

Debbra keeps audiences active, attentive and their energy levels up by integrating play, puzzle solving, games, physical energizers, role playing, for active listening and practical learning.

These resources to harness the hidden power of the brain to produce results with group and individual think in her presentations that leave a lasting impression.

What type of events is Debbra Sweet available for?

  • Keynote Addresses
  • Recognition & Observation Months
  • Customized On-Site Seminars & Workshops
  • Executive Briefings / Retreats
  • Customized Training Seminars
  • Industry Conferences
  • Product Endorsement / Marketing Spokesperson
  • Grand Openings / Product Roll-outs

In addition to the traditional types of events above, Debbra is available for consulting engagements, television commercials and other unique engagements.

Please contact us to check availability for your specific event and let’s talk about the type of presentation you are looking for.

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