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“Debbra sings from her soul. You know it, you feel it when you see her perform. I love to hear her music.”

Besty T.
San Diego, CA

“Wow! I’ve heard sax players before, but when you play, I get the chills. Keep it up!”

Mary S.
Wheeling IL

“Debbra, I saw your show last week. You have a look in your eye when you sing that’s so apparent that you LOVE what you do. There’s a spark there that connects to your music and the audience quickly. Thank you for inviting us to see you!”

Michele L
Del Mar, CA

“I’ve known Debbra a long time. We’ve worked side by side in business. I’ve heard her speak publically often. She’s always talked about her music…and WOW! I was blown away at how amazing of a voice she has. I’m not suprised, yet I was. She’s amazing. She wrote and sang a custom birthday song for me that was the best present ever!”

Pam R.
Rancho Bernardo, CA

“I have the pleasure of playing with Debbra in one of the local bands. I’m SO glad she’s part of our group. It’s only been a short bit, but it’s amazing to see just how much having her with us has helped us take what has been good, and now it’s incredible. She’s always ready, polished and is really fun to perform with.”

Chris Y.
Fallbrook, CA

“When I close my eyes and hear you sing (Cher), it’s like I’m actually there. Can’t wait to see the full show!”

Christy M.
Oceanside, CA

“Your song “Spellbound” is so soothing. Reaches the heart. Makes me want to fall asleep in a deep peace.”

John D.
Downtown San Diego

“Debbra, thank you for sharing your music. I love your Back Stage Pass and VIP Lounge options. This is what you were born to do. Keep it up! Your music brings hope, joy, happiness to us.”

JoElaine Q.
Florida, USA

DS VIP Lounge

$37 per mo

DS Back Stage Pass

$27 per mo

DS Front Row Seats

$17 per mo