Trailblazing thoughts and actions; based on passions, expertise, knowledge, wisdom and focus to help others become better leaders in their own lives for the sake of effecting change in the world… defines the values Debbra Sweet lives by.

A believer that change, on a larger scale starts first with the individual, Debbra Sweet is an advocate for the power and potential of human capital. She is a living example of the unlimited creativity of mind, the resilience of the physical body and emotional spirit- and a supporter of systems for accountability that tie it all together.

As an agent of change- her focus is single; to help others produce amazing results.

Innovative, creative, interactive and dynamic author, musician and entrepreneur, Debbra speaks, teaches and trains on topics of: leadership, business development, marketing, sales, and health & wellness to create a world that allows for your personal best.  She believes in bringing each area into a state of balance, health and vitality, so that they are strong independently, and function with synchronicity as a whole.

She believes that as individuals, we need to take responsibility for our choices and actions. She believes that as individuals we need to get back to living by values and morals that are based on integrity, authenticity, honesty, vision, passion and a desire to be part of a greater good. When the individual is strong, centered, and focused with purpose, they are able to then turn and support others through servant leadership.

Debbra has a way of connecting quickly to her students and clients. She does not talk to them. She engages with them. She does not speak at them. She relates to them.

The delivery of often times difficult and subject matter is done with eloquence, grace, empathy and diplomacy. She takes these subjects and makes them easy for you to understand and apply today. Not one to let people sit quietly on the sidelines, her unique visionary approach easily, safely and comfortably draws audiences in from the beginning and keeps them engaged until the end.

Debbra shares:

“I love the movie ‘Shrek’ and the famous description of why getting to know someone is like peeling an onion.  There are many layers, and just as in an onion, often the deeper you get, the sweeter the reward!

Some may think onions are just stinky- others find onions amazing, sweet, strong and filled with powerful nutrients that keep on feeding you to be healthy.

I’ve never really compared myself to an onion before… but, it is a great way to describe me.  I have many layers and if you take the time to get to enjoy the whole package, you’ll see there’s lots of flavor and a variety of surprises  along the way!

To some people, I’m over the top and too intense.  I call it focused.

To others, I am very quiet and watch others. I am simply being attentive, actively listening and taking it all in.

There are people who say I have no sense of humor. I’ve had to develop my humor because I’ve had to find the way to see happiness when it appeared to not be present.  Not only do I have a sense of humor- but I have inner happiness for no reason- pure, inner  peace,  joy and a thorough sense of serenity- even in the midst of chaos.

I live my life with passion. My favorite quote is “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice”.  My other favorite saying is “Luck is nothing more than being prepared for an opportunity when an opportunity arises.”   A personal ‘mantra’ I have is  “If you don’t like it… Change it!”

Many see me as one who thinks fast, talks fast, and is very ready to take on the world.  I do think fast and talk fast- and I am blessed to surround myself with friends and family who keep me grounded and humble.  I do not have a desire to ‘take on the world’ but I do have a desire to reach out and help others who are ready to help themselves.

I have made a commitment to myself and to God to do my best to be an example of HIM.  I am not perfect. Never have claimed to be. Never will.   I do have a personal passion to ‘help show people there is a better way to achieve results’… so they can create the life they’ve always wanted.

Moving people to change is more than just inspiration. It’s more than just motivation. It’s the ability to connect with a person and engage them to make a commitment to themselves to follow through on their desire.

Change is not always easy. Change is not always pretty. But change and growth can be very rewarding- especially if you know you have a genuine hand ready to help you along the way.”

Debbra has founded different organizations, programs, businesses, speaking presentations, workshops, books and classes that support people to help navigate the terrain of change and growth in life and business.

Creating a culture for your life or business takes time, and can be fun, rewarding and inspiring with the right guidance and support.

There’s a saying: “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”.

An aligned team gets further, faster.  Alignment of a team starts with personal alignment of those  who lead.

Navigating the terrain to create a culture that is aligned can be bumpy. Debbra has years of experience creating, teaching, leading teams to be highly effective at reaching new goals. Her ability to work from both the left and right brain, brings creative ideas based on proven systems to create lasing change.

If your foundation of leadership and a healthy culture is off, no matter what you build, your footing is unstable.  When you build a strong foundation that is aligned and scalable, you can create the life and business you have always wanted,  knowing with confidence that it will support you for years to come.

Not sure where to start your Culture Shift? Contact  us today.  We’ll set up a private call with you to go over where you are at, where you want to be, and give you suggestions on options available to you.