The Power of Mentorship for the Woman Entrepreneur

Mentors Hold the Golden Key to Unleash Your Potential And Unlock Your Future… “The Power of Mentorship for the Woman Entrepreneur”

Co-Author Debbra Sweet shares her insights on the 4 P’s: Patience, Persistence, a Positive Attitude and Passion, and how they make a difference in driving the entrepreneurial spirit.

In this new and exciting book, the authors give you an exclusive opportunity to sit in on an inner circle and share the wealth of wisdom from some of the most experienced mentors of our day. Mentorship has become a lost art in the fast pace of the 21st century lifestyle. Yet it was the ancient form of training that produced some of the most powerful men and women in recorded history. From Kings and Queens to World Leaders, mentorship was the key element to their achievement.

Now you can learn the inside secrets of success from men and women who have proven themselves in their area of specialty to be the industries top entrepreneurs, millionaires, thinkers, coaches, and trainers. You will enjoy their insight and gain powerful knowledge from their experience and wisdom.

Bring out your full potential, find your purpose and live life with passion.

Authors in the Power of Mentorship series include: include Debbra Sweet, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Charlie Tremendous Jones, Vic Johnson, Gregory Scott Reid, Don and Melinda Boyer, Mel Brodsky, and many more… Here’s a great resource to tools and businesses that can help you increase your results with your business.