The Power of Leadership in Business Networking

This book is not about networking per se.  It is not about leadership per se. It’s about How to BE a leader WHEN you are networking.

Networking is the single most powerful and cost effective tool you can use for promoting your business and advancing your career. Effective networking is a skill to be learned.   Effective leadership requires learning too.

The Power of Leadership in Business Networking delivers hands on, real world insights how to succeed in business through leadership based professional networking.  that build quality relationships for

Effective networking can ensure that you meet the “right” people and expand your sphere of influence. But in today’s world, just ‘networking’ is not enough. Long term sustainability in business also demands good leadership of self, your business and others.

Lead author Debbra Sweet has been professionally and intentionally networking since 1997.  As a certified trainer in effective word of mouth marketing and referrals, Sweet leads you through powerful insights which help you achieve distinction as a leader when networking.  Gain wisdom that helps  shorten your learning curve as you increase your leadership presence while networking.

Along your journey to the top of your field, in your family, as you pursue your passions, what you do along the way… does matter.

Order your copy today- and learn how to be a leader when networking.



“Debbra is an innovative thought leader, author and speaker. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with Debbra on two different projects and have found her tireless, passionate and effective.

Her latest creation, the Power of Leadership book, provides valuable, real-world information from working entrepreneurs who are on the street, getting it done. I am truly looking forward to the next book in the series.”

Mike Gulitz

“Love the Book (Power of Leadership in Business Networking). I just completed reading through chapter 14. Inspirational! A Must Read for all future and current leaders! Definitely a classic for motivating and driving towards success!

I have a networking event this weekend and I’m excited to apply some new learnings and thoughts! Thank you!”

Barb Walski Schess
Chicago, Il


I may need to place and order for more books.

My cousin, who is a Chaplin in the Army, contacted me the other day and is going to purchase 100 books to pass out.

Then I have a potential speaking gig at Bowie State , MD to speak to the Staff about customer service and they are
thinking about purchasing 200 books for the staff.

WOW.. my goal for the summer was a total of 200.. I need to adjust my goal. How long will it take if I ordered another 100 books?

Thanks for your support

Mark Wiggins
Speaker, Author in The Power of Leadership Series, Coach


Would like to speak with you. I have an opportunity for a convention book store that is set to carry the Leadership book in April.

They want to get the book fro the publisher (you) and place the order.

I would like to know how to make that work.


Mark Wiggins
Speaker, Author in The Power of Leadership Series, Coach

Love your new book, Debbra!!! “The Power or Leadership” has been added to my library dedicated to the pursuit personal development.

Mike Gulitz
San Diego, CA