The Power of Leadership Finding the Leader Within

The Power of Leadership “Finding the Leader Within”

There has been a long held controversy over whether leaders are made or born. Most people think leaders are made.  We believe everyone is born with the ability to lead.

This book is dedicated to all seekers of greatness, those unique individuals who want to rise up from where they are in life right now and seek a brighter future.

Leadership usually comes to most people because they are either thrust into it or they are willing to step forward and take on a leadership role. When one thinks of leadership, there is usually an understanding that along with the position in title and duty, responsibility and accountability to others comes along with it.

In this volume on “Finding the Leader Within”, you’ll uncover personal stories of inspiration and instruction from other people, some maybe even just like you, who have gone from rags to riches – mentally as well as monetarily – and how you can too.

Through the real life stories and heartfelt sharing in The Power of Leadership: “Finding the Leader Within” you will find that you too, have the inner potential for great leadership.

Leaders take immediate action. You can do this too. You just need some guidance by others who have gone before you; so enjoy the true life examples in this book. The authors have given their story to you to share and inspire.  This book is Volume 1 of a 12 Part Series on the Power of Leadership.

Get yours today and start ‘Finding the Leader Within You’!