The Power of Leadership Being the Leader Producing Results

Effective Leadership is a journey. The skills needed to be a leader take time to learn, apply and evolve.

First you must recognize that you have the seed for being a leader in your own life.

Once that ‘spark’ is ignited, now it’s time to learn how to be a leader others will follow.Empowered with some leadership insights, you then begin to take action and apply what you have been learning. You may not be at your final destination yet. That is o.k.

This book will support you along your journey as you being to step into your leadership roles.  One common trait good leaders have is the desire to be a benefit to others and see results for time and effort dedicating to serving.

The Power of Leadership “Being the Leader Producing Results” is the 3rd book in the series. You will tap into the insights and wisdom of today’s successful entrepreneurial business leaders who want to help you understand how to BE that leader you envision.

Regardless of the stage you are at on your leadership journey,t his book by Daniel Sweet and Debbra Sweet is a collection of knowledge, wisdom, instruction and inspirational stories to help you produce positive results fast in your life and in your business. Contributing authors include Mark Victor Hansen, Greg Haughton, Ivan Misner, Ann Evanston, Len Strickler, and many more!

Order your copy today- and learn how to BE a leader producing results.