Repairing the Reprobate Mind

The subject of a reprobate mind is one that comes up often as people are learning about God and His word. There seems to be much confusion and uncertainty about clearly understanding God’s perspective on this subject.

There have been many polluted and adulterated opinions about what is a reprobate mind.

You can find commentaries, opinions and possibly well intended responses to questions about this subject- but when you take the time to line up those commentaries, opinions and ideas against what GOD says about the subject- a whole new understanding unfolds before you!

The worlds’ portrayal on the subject of reprobate mind is one that typically leaves a person feeling confusion, frustration, humiliation, condemnation, self doubt, worry and loneliness. This book reveals to you that GOD says something completely different.  The information in this book will help you understand What To Do and Why from God’s Perspective if you desire inner peace, blessings, prosperity and abundance.

This book gets to the core of the heart to help people get in alignment in body, mind and spirit.  It is a step by step guide on how to repair a reprobate mind according to the bible.

Debbra Sweet is a biblical scholar groomed for servant leadership serving 8 years on the Board of Directors for ACF (The Association of Christian Fellowships) a worldwide biblical research ministry. Since 2007 she has been serving the Lord through God’s Word First Biblical Research and Teaching Ministry founded by her husband, Pastor Daniel Sweet. Debbra has been instrumental in helping many people from the USA and internationally come to the knowledge and truth of God’s Word.

She moves people to take action to get  lasting results in their life. She draws from her own diverse life experiences of overcoming challenges to sharing great wins in order to guide with wisdom, integrity, compassion and genuine caring for others success.

The Word of God is the will of God. You Can Repair a Reprobate Mind! This book is a concise study in HOW to LIVE according to God for fulfillment and abundance.

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