She’s a Trailblazer.  Known as the “Queen of Courage.” ” The Rock Star of Resilience.” “The Goddess of Get It Done.”

She’s Bold.  Artistic. Unorthodox.  She Challenges the Status Quo.  She WOW’s with substance & sensation.   When you need to energize and deliver results – Sweet works with you in a way that is designed with intention to create the outcomes you desire. She layers the structure with forward thinking, entrepreneurial,  optimistic, sensory expressive ways that engage and connect quickly with the heart of your audience.

What Areas Do You Need Better Results In?

From Broken Brain To Building Big Business

Innovative San Diego business leader, Debbra Sweet, pivots companies to profits by overlaying powerful insights learned during brain injury rehabilitation with her decades strong track record of business growth goal achievement.

New York Times bestselling author and award-winning leadership performance coach, Debbra Sweet, said flying head first…


Interactive Presentations = Attendee Results

Your event has a purpose. Most meeting planners have a passion to create an experience for your attendees that is memorable and achieves the content goals you set forth.  Attendees often have a goal too. They want to know their time invested in your event was valuable.  When you need a speaker that can quickly connect with your audience to engage them…


Why She’s Called: The Trailblazing Entrepreneur

The rugged terrain of entrepreneurship requires grit, stamina, the ability to read the signs around you,  underneath, over and …. .